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Life skills for adults and youth, relationships for singles and married adults, teaching Christians in how to study the bible, the christian and spiritual warfare, prayer and God’s Word.

Christian Prep Marriage & Relationship Workshops

The Christian PREP sessions will cover:
Foundations and Oneness in Marriage, More Barriers to Oneness, Communication Danger Signs, Vulnerability, Safety and Talking with Respect, Speaker and Listener Techniques, Misscommunication and Filters, Events, Issues and Hidden Issues, Expections , Expressing Criticism Effectively, The Blessings of a Marriage: Fun, Solving Problems & Disagreements, Ground Rules, Forgiveness,and Working through Forgiveness, Commitment, Spiritual Oneness.
PREP was designed to teach couples communication and problem solving skills found to be linked to effective marital functioning using Christian values.

Also Featuring Relationship Workshops

Marriage & Relationship Workshops:
The curriculum is designed to help couples achieve their goals in relationships, family, and marriage. The curriculum is designed to build on existing strengths of the couples and add critical life and relationships skills that will help them create safer, more stable environments for the children. The workshops also help with singles and their relationship needs by teaching them the needed skills before marriage.

The outline is: Unit 1- In Marriage & Relationships Today, Unit 2- Let’s Have Fun, Unit 3- Communication Danger Signs, Unit 4- Speaker Listener Technique, Unit 5- Stress and Relaxation in Relationships, Unit 6- We’ve Got Issues: Issues & Events, Unit7- By My Side: Supporting Each Other, Unit 8- Believing is seeing: Negative Interpretations,Unit 9 You, Me, and Us: Personality & Expectations, Unit 10- Personal Road Mapping, Unit 11- Commitment Matters, Unit 12- Loving with Style, Unit 13- Connecting with the Community, Unit 14- Future Decisions.

There will also be workshops on Fatherhood, they will have topics from communication between dads and sons, uncontrolled emotions, dads and responsibility, when fathers are absent. Last, there will be work shops for the girls empowerment program that will talk about girls and positive relationships and dating, communication between moms and daughters, just say no.

Program Curriculum provided by Within our reach by PREP Educational Products Inc.

Youth Rites of Passage Spiritual Warfare Training Program

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